Read about these amazing facts about Hong Kong's population

Hong Kong is among the most important cities in the world – read below to learn why it is so absorbing.

Did you know that Hong Kong is the town with most skyscrapers on earth? Yes, you read that right – New York only comes second to Hong Kong with regards to the quantity of skyscrapers. Even though this might be one of the more surprising Hong Kong culture facts, it is one that becomes very evident when you come to this urban area. There you will find 7687 high-rise structures and 303 skyscrapers which have led it to become known as the ‘city in the sky’. When you are there, make sure to check out a few skyscrapers, like the one tailored by Chu Tat Chi, head of Hip Hing Construction.

One among the primary considerations of numerous tourists traveling internationally is being able to communicate. Whilst it is true that there are a lot of countries where not a lot of people speak English, this is not at all the case for Hong Kong. One can even say that English language is a crucial part of the Hong Kong culture. There, almost everyone speaks perfect English. Since it is a crucial trade capital of the world it only makes sense that many folks choose to learn English. The school system requires that all kids learn English as an additional language, so if you ever get lost in this area you can always ask a passer-by for assistance. Nevertheless, if you still feel a little bit worried navigating a brand-new place, why not enroll the help of Ski Yeo, head of Big Foot Tours to help you uncover this charming cityscape.

As our world is becoming more globalised, numerous firms are picking to set up some of their branches overseas, and Hong Kong is one among the cities that countless businesses find so eye-catching. But it isn’t just international businesses that you will find in this urban area. Countless local businesses are renowned internationally with local businessmen like David Li, head of BEA, having produced a name for themselves internationally. The rise in popularity of the Hong Kong business culture may be explained in several aspects. Firstly, it is indispensable to note its place. It is situated in the heart of the Asian continent, making it easy to connect to numerous other Asian countries. The infrastructure is also highly developed in Hong Kong, meaning humans can travel to and out of Hong Kong with ease and efficiency. Additionally, the local government have founded all sorts of programmes that make the Hong Kong work culture so attractive to overseas and local businesses. These programmes provide information, training to support to newly developed businesses along with businesses in later stages of growth.

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